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Our Origins

Culjak Bats Co-owner Tom Andres:

It all began 12 years ago.
I made small trophy bats for high school kids that hit home runs that year, my son Jake being one of the seniors. The next year he went to Sacramento City College and made the team. I noticed a bat he had and asked him how much he liked it. His reply was, "Ah, it's okay". My first thought was that for $120, it should be better than "okay". I told him I'd make him one, which he scoffed at and that was all I needed to order some blank wood billets and hand-cut a bat for him.
Two weeks later, he finds a bat in his room after getting home and says, "hey pops, where did get this bat?" I told him I made it and to never doubt me when I say I'll do something. I told him I wanted to be the first carpenter in space when he was a 12-year-old...but that was different. 
A year later, I had found something to light fires in my life. It became my therapy. I was a survivor of the opioid epidemic after being on Fentanyl, Norco, and three other medications for eight years and quit cold. I went from 298 lbs. down to 125 lbs. in seven months. After showing my doctors one of the bats I made, Dr. Saki immediately wrote a prescription for making wood baseball bats and coaching baseball. He knew the best medicine for me was for me to help myself. Baseball was the answer. Isn't it always?
Every day we face choices... Make the right choice and great things happen!

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